A Quest is a mission taken by a Greek or Roman demigod. These are usually the only time campers are allowed to leave Camp Half-Blood, unless Camp is ended for the school year. The person leading the quest is allowed to bring two companions along with them, if they wish, though this rule has been violated before, such as during the The Quest for Artemis, when both campers and Hunters were required (making the total five), or during the quest in The Labyrinth (when Annabeth wanted the help of Percy, Tyson, and Grover). If you violate this number throughout your quest the number will come back down to three. When a camper wants or is assigned a quest, they will sometimes be sent to see the Oracle. Chiron sometimes says that, if they're sane when they come back, he'll let them go on the quest predicted by the Oracle. Sometimes, however, the visit to the Oracle might make you go mad. Reasons include perhaps the person was not destined to receive the quest. Between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, the campers went on missions frequently and did not have to see the Oracle. At Camp Jupiter, quests are only given to people who have the rank of Centurion or higher.