Jason Grace

I'm the son of Jupiter! I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion. I slew the Trojan sea monster, I toppled the black throne of Kronos and and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands. And now I'm going to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed you to your own wolves.

–Jason to Porphyrion, in The Lost Hero

Jason Grace is one of the main protagonists of the second Camp Half-Blood series, The Heroes of Olympus. He is the son of the god Jupiter and the mortal Ms. Grace and is the younger brother of Thalia Grace. He is also a former praetor of Camp Jupiter and is the current counselor of Cabin One at Camp Half-Blood.




Jason was born July 1, 1994 and is the son of[1]Jupiter, theRoman aspect of Zeus, and a mortal actress with the last name of Grace. He was born seven years after Zeus fathered Thalia in his Greek aspect. Because his father had consecutively sired two children with his mother, Juno, the Roman form of Hera, was made Jason's guardian to placate the indignant goddess and Jupiter went even as far as to name his newborn son after his wife's favorite hero.

His Father

When Jason was two years old, Juno commanded his mother to bring him to the Wolf House. It was there that he was separated from his mother and sister to be initiated by Lupa in the ways of Rome. After training for some time under the wolf goddess, he journeyed to Camp Jupiter where he was raised in the lifestyle of the Roman Legion. Eventually, Jason was inducted into the Fifth Cohort and would bring a restored sense of honor to the disgraced contingent. This would culminate when he was made praetor, the co-commander of the entire legion.


Hera, Juno


Jason is a serious young man with a moderate sense of humor. He also has a strong sense of honor and justice as shown by his great compassion. He greatly cares for his friend and family willing to risk his life to protect or help them. Though a natural leader, Jason can be plagued by doubt and criticizes himself whenever he makes an error. There are notable similarities between Jason and Percy Jackson such as: they're strong senses of justice and fairness, they're loyalty to their friends, and they're both natural leaders.


Jason Grace is described as good-looking, having the features of a Roman statue, with electric blue eyes, tidy, military cropped blond hair, and a small scar on the corner of his lip from trying to eat a stapler when he was two years old. He says that he looks nothing like his father, which assumes that he looks more like his mother. He is very tall one inch taller than Percy Jackson, with an athletic build, having muscular and tanned arms. His tattoo has the picture of an eagle with SPQR and twelve lines, indicating he has been at Camp Jupiter since he was three or four years old.

His looks attract female attention, such as the instances with Drew, and the girls from Wilderness School. Also, when Aphrodite gave Jason's team a makeover, Jason was the least modified, implying that Aphrodite approves of his physical attributes.


  • ADHD: Like all demigods, Jason possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Combat Prowess: Jason is trained in Roman legionary warfare.
  • Dyslexia: Jason's brain is hardwired for Latin.
  • Fighting skills: Jason is an expert spearman and swordsman. Jason's fighting skills are amazing seeing as how he bested Kronos' brother, Krios, a feat only Hercules has accomplished, who is technically Jason's older brother. He also slew the Trojan Sea Monster, defeated Lityerses, and dominated Mount Othrys by fighting through hordes of Scythian Dracanae and toppling Kronos's black throne. He has also shown to be able to hold his own against larger, more experienced, and more powerful opponents such as Enceladus andPorphyrion, and even Titans such as Krios.

Demigod AbilitiesEdit

Being the son of Jupiter; Jason is an extremely powerful demigod, that not only has authority over creatures of the sky but can also influence the forces of weather and can control the air around him. Hazel has considered Jason as one of the most powerful demigods she knows, however, the abilities of Nico and Percy seemed to have made her question her judgement, as she believes only Percy Jackson's power rivaled Nico di Angelo's. Some of his abilities include:

  • Aerokinesis: As a son of Jupiter, Jason has absolute control over the air.
    • Jason can control, and generate air currents.
    • Jason can ride air currents, making him fly.
    • Jason could see a path in the air, leading him to Boreas's palace
    • Jason can generate fierce storms.
    • Jason is able to dominate the will of more chaotic Venti.
  • Electrokinesis: As a son of Jupiter, Jason has absolute control over lightning and electricity.
    • 'Jason has some immunity to electricity, having survived being struck by an electrical bolt "strong enough to kill twenty people."
    • Like his sister, Jason can generate bolts of static electricity, and send electrical shocks through others on contact.
    • Jason can summon lightning bolts from the sky, but it cost him a lot of effort.

Magical ItemsEdit

[2]Ivlivs, Jason's coin*Ivlivs: A coin made of Imperial Gold. It turns into a golden sword on heads or a golden javelin on tails when flipped. The weapon hasn't been named yet in the series, but the coin has the word 'Ivlivs' on it, which is Latin for 'Julius.' It was destroyed by Enceladus during his and Jason's fight on Mount Diablo.

  • Gladius: Juno, the Roman form of Hera and Jason's patron, gives this to him at the end, so that he has a proper weapon. It is a Roman Gladius made of Imperial Gold.

Magical Pets/CompanionsEdit




[3]Jupiter, Jason's fatherZeus sired Jason, his second child with Ms. Grace in his Roman aspect. Like all the Roman gods, Jupiter rarely involves himself in the life of his child. Although it is unlikely that he has ever met his father, Jason is still given his aid when it is most needed.

Ms. GraceEdit

Since Jason has forgotten his memories, we can imply that he wasn't taken care of by his mother, since Thalia said that she was the one who took care of him until Ms. Grace gave Jason away to Hera's Roman form, Juno.


Jason's sister, Thalia Grace, was born by Zeus. Thalia is a Greek demigod, because when Zeus visited her mother the first time, he was in his Greek form. When Zeus came to Jason's mother for the second time, he came in his Roman form, Jupiter. Jason is therefore a Roman demigod, while his sister is Greek. It is shown that Jason cares for his sister. He feels somewhat depressed that Thalia has

Thalia Grace, sister of Jason

found a new family in the Hunters of Artemis. However, its shown that when Jason first saw her picture, and Annabeth told him her last name, his instincts told him she is dangerous, as Juno left enough memory to know that digging up his past could be disastrous and that she was his sister.

Love InterestsEdit


In The Demigod Diaries, Leo comments that Jason and Piper are dating, which takes place two months after their quest to save Hera. Piper also gives Jason a goodbye kiss just in case they

Piper, Jason's girlfriend

don't get to see each other if the engine of the Argo II blows up. Since the engine did not blow up they continue to date for the next 6 months.

In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth introduces the two as boyfriend and girlfriend.


[4]Reyna his friendThe memory of her makes him rethink what he is doing with Piper, though he does not know why. It's revealed in The Son of Neptune by Reyna to Percy that if Jason hadn't gone missing, a romantic relationship would have developed, since Reyna said that it wasn't uncommon for there to be romance between praetors, since they work together so much. When the Argo II arrives in the sky Reyna says that she hopes Percy is right and Jason is aboard the ship, stating that she has missed him. In The Mark of Athena, it is stated by Jason, that he'd never felt more than friendship for Reyna.


Percy JacksonEdit

Percy and Jason share a friendship, if a tedious one. In the Mark of Athena, it is shown that they can work well together, while making a storm at Fort Sumter, but are shown to also be capable of fighting, as is shown when they try to sit in the same chair and sparks come out of Jason's hands. Percy says that Jason "thinks the same way he does" and mentioned a "spark of friendship". At the begining of the Mark of Athena, Annabeth calls their relationship a "Budding Bromance". When Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, Jason feels guilty for not saving them.

Leo ValdezEdit

[5]Leo, Jason's best friendThe Mist gives Leo and Piper fake memories that they knew Jason for months. However, this doesn't stop Leo from seeing Jason as his friend and works on a way for Jason, Piper, and him to gain transportation (Festus). While Jason thinks that Leo is weird at first in The Lost Hero, during their quest, he and Leo became very good real friends.


Jason starts to remember him at the end of The Lost Hero. When Juno returns some of Jason's memories, he remembers several of his friends, with Bobby being one of the names mentioned. Not much is known about him but his name.

Hazel LevesqueEdit

Jason remembers her in the last part of The Lost Hero as being his friend back at the Roman Camp. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel tells Percy that after she arrived, she had only known him for about a month before he disappeared. Through Hazel's point of view, it is assumed that she and Jason were good friends. She even compares Jason to Percy, stating that they both had the same look, as if they had both seen their fate, and were waiting for it to happen. She is one of the main characters in The Heroes of Olympus, and is one of the Seven in the Prophecy of Seven.


Because Jason kind of remembers her, it can be assumed they had been friends. In The Son of Neptune, she was a Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, but after the position was given to Frank, she retired after ten years of service to attend college in New Rome.


A Senior Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, he and Jason were friends at Camp Jupiter. He apologizes to him before knocking him unconscious at Fort Sumter.

Annabeth ChaseEdit

Though it seemed like it to Piper, Jason likes Annabeth as a friend, but has no romantic feelings towards her. In The Lost Hero, Annabeth was the one who told him about Thalia, which sparked the memory of her and his last name, Grace. Annabeth claimed Thalia had never told her she had a little brother, but Jason insists that she does. At the end of the book during the Senior Counselors' meeting, when Jason tells where he's from and where Percy is, Annabeth says that she is going with them, mostly because of Percy. Jason agreed that he would want her along, mostly because he knew that she had already figured out where Percy was and the danger he could be in.

In the first chapter of The Mark of Athena, it is shown that Annabeth distrusts Jason, thinking that he is too perfect because he always does everything nobly, does nothing against the rules, and even looks too perfect and she expects him to turn on them at the second they land.


  • Jason was named after the original Jason, a hero, by Zeus/Jupiter to please Hera/Juno after being conceived.
  • Similar to the original Jason, he was aided by Hera/Juno and was recognized by the fact that he was wearing only one shoe.
  • Jason and Thalia are the only known siblings to be from different aspects of the same god. Thalia is a Greek demigod (being a daughter of Zeus), and Jason is Roman (being a son of Jupiter), as stated by Hera/Juno herself.
  • Unlike other children of Zeus/Jupiter, Hera doesn't hate him or try to kill him like his other siblings. Hera said that she is Jason's patron and Jason is her champion.
  • Thalia and Jason are both mentioned to like cheeseburgers.
  • The scar in Jason's mouth came from trying to eat a stapler when he was 2 years old.
  • It is mentioned by Aeolus that Jason was once stayed with him on a quest to kill a sea monster. It is later revealed Jason had killed the Trojan Sea Monster.
  • Although one of the demigod "afflictions" is usually dyslexia, Jason could read Midas' brochure for Gold: Invest for Eternity just fine. Although it might have been in Latin or Jason may not have dyslexia, like Frank Zhang.
  • Jason claims to be the Praetor of the First Legion in The Lost Hero, but Camp Jupiter is made up of only the Twelfth Legion.
  • Jason sometimes feels uncomfortable with attention that is given to him due to him being the son of Jupiter and people expecting that that he will not fail.
  • Piper calls Jason Sparky on occasion.
  • Despite being Roman, Jason is a Greek name, meaning healer. This is because Zeus felt naming him after Hera's favorite hero would quell her anger.
  • Jason's name being a way to placate Hera may be a nod towards his older half brother Heracles, who was named after her. Although it is to be noted that Hera did kill Heracles and his family.
  • Jason's birthday is revealed by the Cornucopia to be July 1st.